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Consulting Services

To understand our progress, we must first learn to evaluate the past, analyze the present, and plan for the future. Our consulting services focus on assessing your business plan, successes, strengths, and needs for improvements. Throughout the evaluation process, we assist in developing and implementing better strategies for a better outcome. Please book your free 30 minutes consultation service now.

Office Management Services

With over ten years of managing mental health clinics and non-profit organizations, our team has a great understanding of the strengths and weaknesses agencies face daily. We aim to assist in managing your agency's day-to-day operations that will allow owners more free time to focus on growing the agency. Contact us today to get 30 minutes of free consultation. 


We understand the struggle Mental Health Agencies face daily when dealing with the intake department of the organization. We want to assist you with this responsibility. Let us manage your referral process for you. We aim to conduct intakes, reach out to referral sources, Clients, and accurately gather all necessary information before assigning the case to a clinical team.   

Billing & Authorization 

The financial process of a mental health agency can be a nightmare if the proper structures are not in Place. This service will assist you in checking insurance eligibility prior to starting services, request Authorization for the clinical team, help in billing  the insurance

 companies, and more.  

Recruiting Services

 We know the struggle that mental health and non-profits organizations encounter daily with the large overturn ratio of staff. We acknowledge the extensive time and money requires to hire and train new staff. We know that you are extremely busy running the agency's day-to-day operations, and time is not something you have. Unlike large corporations, mental health agencies and non-profit organizations always lack financial stability. We want you to focus on growth and let us worry about recruiting, hiring, and training all the great candidates. Call us today, let us take some of the birding off you.

Marketing & Branding Services

 One of the core foundations of having a successful business began with a great marketing plan and branding. A company branding opens the doors to access a large number of clienteles. We want to assist you in developing or updating your business branding and marketing plan. We aim to ensure that your organization has all the necessary marking tools and connections within the community. Contact us today for a free 30 minutes consultation. 

Business Conference


As we understand, small businesses struggle to maintain an additional staff ratio due to overhead costs. Our goal is to assist at a low price and while helping your agency strive for success. The key to a successful small business consulting is being accessible and staying in contact with clients to becoming a long-term partner rather than just a one-time source of information. Our team will be dedicated and available to provide full-time assistant. We will manage our client's phone calls and answer questions about ongoing projects as much as possible.

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