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A New Lens Consultant (ANLC) founded in Boston, Massachusetts, to improve the efficiency of Non-profit organizations and small businesses, ultimately to achieve sustainability. Most small business owners often lack time to implement practical changes to grow their business. Running day-to-day operations is time-consuming and does not leave much time to analyze the company on a business level, as opposed to a managerial level. Here at ANLC, we strive to provide business analysis and solutions from an overarching "small and big picture" perspective. Dealing with customers, understanding the market, visibility in the community, and overseeing production are essential to business operations. However, business operations cannot function without ensuring profitability and growth. These all prove meaningless and difficult to achieve without the company's direction and mission. 

We do understand that in the non-profit and or for-profit industry, smaller organizations struggled to connect with the community that they are servicing. We are aware that multiple factors can cause barriers that attribute to an organization's success. Some of these factors can include: lack of funding, staffing, marketing, best cultural practice, socioeconomic, norms, and values approach to meet the community needs. 


Our Mission: To increase efficiency and provide measurable solutions by bringing every small business clients one step closer towards accomplishing the following:


Vision > Strategy > Execution > Structure > Process > 

Communication > Synergy > Efficiency > Analysis > Versatility > Sustainability

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